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My dog Info

*Fun Stuff*
Boston Terrier Talk Info...

1. What's your BT's name? Bosco

2. Any significance to the name? I guess he looks like the old Chocolate milk but i did not name him.

3. Is your BT a boy or girl? a boy

4. How old is he / she? He’s just over a year.

5. How much does he / she weigh? almost 20 pounds but really no fat. lots of muscles and pretty big for a Boston.
6. Does he bark much? Nope and i like to keep it that way. I think i have heard him make noise twice but he ascared himself hehe

7. Favorite toy? rawhides
8. Does your dog like water? Drink yep lots and lots! Swim not sure yet, Bath he deal with it...
9. Does your dog like car rides? He loves them. He sits in the back seat and looks out the window like a little kid.
10. How does your dog like meeting new people? He loves new people
11. Is your dog friendly with other dogs or animals? yep any and all!
12. How does your BT react to discipline? runs to his crate or hides under the bed with hthe cat
13. Is your pup trained? Sometimes
14. Is he /she affectionate? Yep!!
15. Does he / she have any special quirks about him / her? He likes to be under the covers next to my feet and he likes to lick everything! and he plays hide and Seek sort of with the cat it is really cute.
16. If you could ask your dog 1 or 2 questions, and have him / her answer you, what would it be? Do you even know you are not human?

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