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1. What's your BT's name? Emma Mae Davis, or Maisy.

2. Any significance to the name? When we went to see her at my aunt's house to decide whether we were going to be her foster family, my parents said that since she didn't have a name that she couldn't come home, so my aunt told me to pick a name, and emma is the first thing that came to mind.

3. Is your BT a boy or girl? a girl.

4. How old is he / she? Between 2 and 3.

5. How much does he / she weigh? 10 pounds.

6. Does he/she bark much? not too much, at my brother when he barks at her and sometimes at the window.

7. Favorite toy? any of her stuffed balls.

8. Does your dog like water? She likes to drink water, but hates to be wet. She won't go out in the rain and she hates her bath time.

9. Does your dog like car rides? She is beginning to, she'll jump in the car now, but she still has a lot of anxiety about longer car rides.

10. How does your dog like meeting new people? if it's a women she is happy, older men she gets excited, but she isn't sure about men my age.

11. Is your dog friendly with other dogs or animals? She likes to play with my cat, and the neighbor cats always try to play with her, but she isn't sure about bigger dogs, or other breeds.

12. How does your BT react to discipline? she ignores it, if you tell her no when she is biting, she'll bite you more.

13. Is your pup trained? she is house-trained, and she will give you kisses on command, and she is learning to shake for treats, but so far no go on sitting or other things.

14. Is he /she affectionate? she is so affectionate that she gets in trouble with my parents for licking too much.

15. Does he / she have any special quirks about him / her? she stands up on the entertainment center when she hears a dog on tv, she does twists in the air for her toys when we are playing, and she walks for her treats, she also sticks her butt in the cats face if the cat is making her mad.

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