beachlvr (beachlvr) wrote in boston_buddies,

About our BT

1. What's your BT's name? Zeus

2. Any significance to the name? it's a big name for a lttle dog

3. Is your BT a boy or girl? boy

4. How old is he / she? 9 months

5. How much does he / she weigh? 15 lbs

6. Does he/she bark much? only at the cat, and at our boys if he gets really excited while playing fetch

7. Favorite toy? stuffed cow

8. Does your dog like water? No

9. Does your dog like car rides? hasn't been on one yet

10. How does your dog like meeting new people? yes

11. Is your dog friendly with other dogs or animals? He hasn't met any dogs and he just likes to antagonize our cat

12. How does your BT react to discipline? He looks very sad

13. Is your pup trained? sit, lie down, off, and we're working on stay

14. Is he /she affectionate? somewhat. He's only been here for 3 weeks.

15. Does he / she have any special quirks about him / her? He likes to lick our feet and then sleep on them.

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