Ten Body Gun (tenbodygun) wrote in boston_buddies,
Ten Body Gun

1. What's your BT's name? Lady Killer.

2. Any significance to the name? Not really. My ex-fiance asked her brother for a name and thats what he said and we both liked it. So it stuck.

3. Is your BT a boy or girl? Girl.

4. How old is she? She was born on January 1st 2003, so she's a little over 1.5 years.

5. How much does she weigh? About 20lbs, but since she got "fixed" I haven't weighed her.

6. Does she bark much? When people come home, she gets a little too excited. Or if shes in the car and people walk up to her she barks. She's wierd.

7. Favorite toy? Any stuffed animal, until it annoys her then she destroys them.

8. Does your dog like water? Not to bathe, but to walk into or chase my chocolate lab through.

9. Does your dog like car rides? She adores them. That might have something to do with the fact that I drove from NJ to Arkansas to get her and then back.

10. How does your dog like meeting new people? She loves kids, shes a little skittish around adults, and around huge tattoo'ed men downright afraid. (I don't blame her, its just I hang out with alot of them)

11. Is your dog friendly with other dogs or animals? For the most part. Some dogs not so much, like male dogs that are larger than her.

12. How does your BT react to discipline? She runs and hides, or rolls over. Sometimes she'll wait 'till she thinks shes been forgiven then come over and ask you to forgive her by taking her paw and getting kissed in the face.

13. Is your pup trained? Enough. She knows sit, come, stay. Although if theres a child or a squirrel or a cat, she's miserable.

14. Is she affectionate? Once she gets to know someone they're her new best friend. Everyone gets kisses UP their nose and jumped on.

15. Does she have any special quirks about her? My parents call her the circus dog because she's got a 6 foot vertical leap. And when she's tired she tells me she wants to go to bed.

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