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1. What's your BT's name? Queen Vashti

2. Any significance to the name? It is from the Jewish holiday of Purim. A woman who wouldn't dance for her husband. Basically, our last dog had a Jewish name (Shayna) and we wanted Vash to have one to. :) On the drive home we had called her Lola, but by the time we got home, she let us know she was Queen Vashti

3. Is your BT a boy or girl? Girl.

4. How old is she? Yesterday was her 2nd birthday

5. How much does she weigh? About 18 lbs

6. Does she bark much? Not much when she was young, but she has started barking ALL THE FREAKING TIME! We don't know what her problem is...

7. Favorite toy? A stuffed pig named Treyf

8. Does your dog like water? Waterlots of water.

9. Does your dog like car rides? She goes all the time, it is her fave thing!

10. How does your dog like meeting new people? She LOVES new people. LOVES THEM. They don't always like her, but she LOVES them.

11. Is your dog friendly with other dogs or animals? She is very playful, they sometimes take it as aggression.

12. How does your BT react to discipline? She gives us the largest and brownest eyes ever, and then looks semi guilty for about a minute, before forgetting it all.

13. Is your pup trained? Not entirely, but we are working on it.

14. Is she affectionate? Yes, she licks for hours :)

15. Does she have any special quirks about her? She quite literally will not stop licking you. Not even to breathe. Crazy pup. She also likes to bite your butt when really excited, and we don't entirely know why. She is a weird dog. But we love her. :)

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