Loving Life (llinthesand) wrote in boston_buddies,
Loving Life

Cross-posted so everyone could see! +;o)

My puppies used to sleep in the
little room under the closet.

It's big enough for 6 dogs to sleep,
much less 3,
and Bubby used to love it!
But they didn't like it.
They wanted out.

They let us know this at various times
of the night and morning.

And it's right by our bedroom door.



So then we put them in the laundry room.

They liked it.

They were quiet.


During the day we gave them the kitchen.

I didn't like it.

I would come home for lunch and have to
grab them before they excitedly stepped
in pee pee trying to get to me.

(See my Honnie in the kitchen!!!)



So we put them in the laundry room for the day.

No more pee pee.

Only the one gallon water dispenser was knocked over.

Because Lady used it to stand on to get out.

So we had to give them back the kitchen.

Still more pee pee.


I got tired of mopping twice or more a day
and having to walk on the clammy floor,
so we decided to put them in the foyerl.




My Honnie made a lattice gate and
although their room is a mess *g*,
they are out of the way but still in the
center of everything!

Especially dinner time! 


And I got my kitchen back!!!



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