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My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting a puppy. He is moving into a new place and he thought he would be allowed to have a dog. The lady who is his bosses wife said no. I even had found a breeder and the pupipes hadnt been born yet. I told her to call me if she has a boy because that is the kind of Boston I want.

I also told her we have a splash and he gets allll the attention in public and everyone wants to breed him because he is so cute. So she also knew I would prefer a splash. Well I thought all my puppy dreams had been broken when he said he wasn't allowed to have a dog. The breeder never called either.

Today she did call. She said Mellow (the mommy) only had one boy and he has a completely white face with a black ring around his ear!!! When I heard this I knew it was meant to be so I called my dad and he said I should get him but it has to be his puppy too haha. So my boyfriend and I are going to Eureka tommorw to claim him.

Eureka is a 4 1/2 hour drive one way but so worth it. Im even going back on sunday because my dad wants to see him too. My parents drove 10 hours one way to get rebel so 4 1/2 is nothing. Im sooooo excited!!!

This is Mellow his mommy

And his champion daddy Gentry

Im going to name his Hogwarts and call him Hog for short. Incase you dont know what Hogwarts is: It is the school in Harry Potter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

I am also planning on crate training him. Tink & rebel are not.

Just wanted to share because I am sooooo excited!! Be expecting tons of pics~!!

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