Lola (loladewey) wrote in boston_buddies,

stuffed animals for the animals

stuffed animals for the animals

The other day Dewey (english mastiff) found one of my old stuffed animals and he wanted to make it his. If you know dogs you understand "to make it his" means to tear out the eyes, pull off the ears and tear all the stuffing out. This wasn't an option as far as I was concerned.

Today I went to one of my fav thrift stores and bought (cheap) a stuffed toy for both Dewey and Lucy(boston terrier). Dewey got a cute Winnie the Pooh and Lucy a bunny. When I got home I made sure Dewey got his "baby" first. He carried his Pooh bear in from the garage and took it to his bed in the Kitchen.

Lucy was thrilled to have a "baby" she immediately tried to tear the tail off. (I checked both toys, no button eyes or tear away parts.) They are safe for them to chew on and disassemble.

Now they both have babies and they are happy.

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