beachlvr (beachlvr) wrote in boston_buddies,

Teaching puppy not to bite

Hi all. I hope you can help this clueless puppy owner.

Zeus is 10 months old, but he is not socialized and has not spent much time around people, other than at the vets. He has a bad habit of "nipping" me and my kids when we are playing with him. Today I was throwing his frisbee, and he did "out" on command, but when I went to pick up the frisbee to throw it again, he nipped my finger.

How do I train him to stop biting? My boys are afraid to play with him because he uses his teeth on them. He doesn't seem to bite in anger, he just seems to get so excited about playing that he bites us in the process.

What did you do to train your BT not to nip at you while playing?

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