Loving Life (llinthesand) wrote in boston_buddies,
Loving Life

    Some friends of ours (my daughter's best friend's parents) went out of town today and I am keeping her older two until tomorrow night.  I was supposed to go check on their 8 month old dachshund, Pepper, tonight and tomorrow.  The last time Pepper came over my two ding dongs wouldn't leave her alone and I was afraid that they would hurt her.  But when I walked into that quiet house and saw her in that little cage all alone I couldn't take it!  I brought her home with me!  When we walked in she saw Lilo & Stitch and started barking at them!!!  So I put her down and they chased her around and when they would back off a little she would go chase them!  She can definitely hold her own!  It was so cute that I had to grab the camera.  My two look like weirdo's with the expressions on their faces and bodies!!!
EDIT: I have to add this - please excuse the look of the puppies room / hall. We are redoing the floor and Lilo likes to chew the wall!!!

This one was taken in the dark... hence the freaky eye thing going on!


Look how perky Stitch is!  hehehe  Dork!  And I swear that Pepper isn't possessed!  Look at those eyes!




We told our two to "go to your room" and they just couldn't take it!  Look at Lilo!


I love her "I can't handle it" look!!!  I was trying to get that pathetic look on Stitch's face but my camera was too slow!


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