NH (xsaltyx) wrote in boston_buddies,

Hey there! I have no pictures to share, because my husband was on the stupid phone about stupid business (hehe) when this happened, so he couldn't grab the camera for me, but I figured that I will share this anyway, since it's cute and we could all use a little cute on a Friday. :)

The other night I went to give Cornholio a bath. He gets all itchy from allergies, so he has medicated shampoo, which makes the itching better. He still HATES the bath, and the shampoo has to sit on him for 5 minutes. Well, I plunk him into the bathtub and start running the water, and his sister, Maizy, comes running in and leaps into the tub with him and looks from me to Cornholio expectantly.

It was so cute. The whole time Cornholio was sitting there scowling, she was playing, splashing, biting the water, licking Cornholio, sniffing Cornholio and generally distracting Cornholio completely for the horror that is the bath. He still looked like he wanted to drown himself (or her), but at least now he will have some joyful company in the tub! :)


Also, Cornholio is going shopping for a new winter wardrobe this weekend, so I will post some pictures if we find anything good! :)

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