Suz (zannahope) wrote in boston_buddies,

New tricks...

While Astridlynn is deployed, mom, dad, and I are taking care to teach Charlie some new tricks:

High-five: his most recent trick that I figured out the other day, he'll jump in the air and pat his paws to your hands.
"What's your favorite trick?" I ask and he responds: grr...ruff!
"Here kitty-kitty" means its time for "tricks for treats" (his training period)

Dad isn't allowed to do tricks for treats because he always messes up the hand commands and/or the words. He can't seem to get them right and poor Charlie gets so confused that he goes and does every trick he can think of over and over again until he gets a treat.

Hehe, can't wait for Astridlynn to get back, she has a true cat/BT awaiting her! Now if I can just break him from the habit of licking the door or scratching at the grandfather clock to get our attention...

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