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Hi! I'm new here and would like to introduce myself! My Sister is typing this for me, because as we all know, Boston's don't type very well by themselves!

My name is Farrells O Darlin Kittsy, Kittsy for short, and I'm a Boston Terrier. I have a brother named Bandit, but he's a Pug. We think he ran into one too many walls as a puppy cause boy is he stupid! His nose is all smooshed up too and his eyes are all popping out of his head like someone's choking him!

I have 3 people, Mom, Sister and The Boy. They're good people! They feed me, they scratch my belly and snuggle with me! I love snuggle time! The Boy just came to live with us a few months ago, but he is soooo nice and he's always picking on Sister and making her laugh.

Sometimes I get worried though, because he closes the door to keep his room cool and he starts tickling Sister and I can't save her. That upsets me! I sit outside his door and whine and cry and do everything I can to try to get in there!

I also live with 6 cats.

There's Kop Kar who is like a million years old and is black and white like me. She's not playing with a full pile of doggie bones if you know what I mean! They found her hanging on their screen door when she was a kitten and she wouldn't go away.

There's Bubba who is grey and white and kinda mean sometimes. He quacks when he sneezes cause someone broke his nose before he came to live with us.

There's Syn who's all black, covered in long fur and let me tell you this cat is HUGE!!! He's bigger than ME! He doesn't have any claws in his front paws because someone had them removed before he came to live with us. He's harmless unless he tries to lay on you, then you need to be worried!

There's Nate who is a brown tabby. He's Sisters Baby and is always giving her hugs with his arms around her neck and kisses all over. He came to live with us after they rescued him from the Doggie Supermarket (they call it Petsmart).

And then there's the twins Max and Alex. They're white and orange; one has spots and the other one has stripes. They came to live with us after their Dad killed himself. They're nice cats, but Max doesn't like us much so he avoids us.

There's 3 birds too.

There is one named Cinco, a Cockatiel, and one name Cheech, a Budgie, that stay in a cage together. They're kinda boring and don't do much except for every now and then Cinco will do the "Lambada" with his perch.

There's another one named Bobby who is a Senegal Parrot. We play a game where he'll sit on the bottom of his cage and charge the sides like he's gonna bite me and then I try to bite him through the cage and bark and growl a lot, but boy is it a lot of fun! The People always tell me to stop because they're afraid I'm gonna get hurt, but we never hurt eachother; it's all in fun!

Well I gotta go now, the grass is calling!

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