jasmine (jasmines97) wrote in boston_buddies,

hello boston lovers!

hello! just thought that i would introduce myself and my boston! :)

jack daniel is an 8 month old boston from new jersey. we got him back in feb and have been enjoying his company ever since. he's high energy (as are most bostons) and he LOVES to run around our backyard. to tire him out, we also bring him to a huge schoolyard down the street from our house and let him out on a 50 foot lead. it's great! :)

we have been going to puppy obedience classes with jack for the past few weeks... we still have five lessons to go but he's really getting the hang of things. he should have a sign that says "will work for food!"

my favorite part about jack (although you all may think that i'm crazy) is when he gets the boston crazies and does the 500 around our house. it makes me laugh like nothing else. :)

eventually we are thinking about getting another boston. i guess the saying is true, like potato chips, you can't have just one. we are going to wait until next summer though because we want jack to be fully trained so that he doesn't give the new puppy lessons on how to steal tissues from the trash can and all the other bad habits he has right now. ;) hopefully by then there will be a vast improvement!!!

he's a great little guy and we are happy to be a part of this community! hoping to learn a lot from all of you! :)

oh, and me? i'm a 26 year old jersey girl. although i don't have high hair. or tight jeans. and i don't say "joisey." promise.

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