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MY MOM FOUND A LITTLE LOST DOG!!!!!!! My mom lives up stairs from me and my bf (I think I've mentioned that before), and she woke up early this morning to Roxie barking, and another dog barking in responce. Then she heard a car stop, a man saw, "Here here! Here doggie here!" Then a car door slam and a car driving away! She got my sisters ready for school, and when she went outside to go to the car, she saw a little foofy black dog walking into our back yard. She thought it was odd, but had to get my sisters to school. When she came back she took Roxie out and thought she'd take a look into the backyard, and when she went in our next door neighbor was standing on his back porch with the little dog, and said to my mom, "Uh...I found a little dog, and I don't know what to do with it!" And my mom scooped up the little dog and said, "OH MY GOD THE POOR THING! I'll take care of you." And thanked our neighbor and went inside. The poor little thing was caked in mud and my mom gave it a bath. (She thinks its a girl but she's not sure.) Then she called the police and spoke to the dog officer, and the officer said no one has reported it missing. There is a collar on the dog but no tags. So my mom gave her some of Roxies food, and let it roam around her house. When she called to tell me, I told her not to let the little dog a Roxie be together cause we don't know this dogs vac records, if any. And my mom said "They were only together for a short time outside."

OMG the poor little thing, I hope we find it's owners!!! My mom said this little dog is smaller than Roxie, but it appears to be grown, not a puppy. My mom is going to bring it into my work so I can see what kind of dog it is. This kind of thing never happens to me!!! I decided I'm not going to name it, cause I don't want to get attached, and I'm sure, with a collar, someone will be looking for it.

But but but but but...if no one is...poor thing....I can't let it go to a shelter!!!!

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