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Breeding question

are there any people on this board that are breeders or have any knowledge of breeding?

my husband posted this on another board last night but we haven't gotten any responses yet, so i figured that i would try posting it here as well. our breeder has been in contact with us about possibly using jack as a stud dog and we don't want to go into anything without researching all about it beforehand.

I've been a Boston owner for a few months now and think (like most Boston owners, I imagine) that I have a very well marked, intelligent, and healthy dog. I've recently begun thinking about the possibility of breeding the dog and had a few questions.

First, let me say before I anger anyone that I understand that there is quite a good deal of research to do before undertaking an endeavor such as this (verifying the health of the dog via ORFA certs, etc.) but I had a few questions that I haven't yet found a good answer to.

I have seen some information that suggests that a Boston's personality traits can change after breeding. What sorts of changes are these with respect to the stud (my dog is a male)? Is this the sort of thing that will cause an otherwise well-behaved male to develop an inclination for leg-humping or territorial behavior? Does it make the animal more energetic or docile? Does it impact his trainability?

Another question that doesn't seem to be mentioned in anything I've read is whether there's a minimum age for a male to be before breeding? Is 1 year too young, 6 months, etc?

Any help you could give with regard to these topics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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