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Anyone involved with rescues/adopting out dogs/etc. PLEASE READ AND CROSS POST!


One dog was recently reclaimed by rescue with several violations of
contract, following the adopter's demands that they take the dog back and then the adopters total lack of cooperation when they tried to comply with her demands. The woman involved is apparently still actively looking for more.

Dawne & Mike Ronald aka Dawne Reynalds, aka Dawne Reynolds Tuscarawas, Ohio (Near New Philadelphia, OH) One of several email addresses in use us7ronalds@m...

Breeds: A variety, including collie, boxer and great dane, but most recent interests have been small breeds, other animals they have had, mysteriouly disappeared or died. Veterinary offices given as attending vets for her, have no record of treatment even for basic
medical and vaccinations. She is actively seeking adopting small breeds and large breeds at present, the rescue who had to legally pull their large dog from this home has been contacted by several rescues who in working this family's application references, have been in contact to see what the experience has been for this rescue with the placement of their dog. Through investigation her applications are misleading and untruthful, giving references that profess to be the attnding vets office, who lie on her behalf .
She is now actively seeking out animals who are not spayed or neutered from pounds or shelters who do not have a spay/neuter
policy, and is known to not follow through with the procedure. She lives in the heart of the amish country, her practices are being watched by the chief of police/dog warden. Only one dog has come out of her home alive and traceable at this point, that was the boxer removed and returned this week with law enforcement present.

Please be careful if receiving contact from this family, she has 5 children 3-11 yrs. and they are not very good with the treatment of animals, and are quite possibly a problem with the animals mysteriously disappearing. They have had 5-6 week old puppies that have mysteriously died of parvo and stated the animal was being treated, but none of the vets in the area or surrounding areas have record. At last time she had a collie, a border collie, a beagle mix, a St. bernard mix, a Boxer, a Dane, 3 cats, lizards, and birds. She has applied to adopt a pomeranian, a pug, a boston bulldog. She has drove to Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and New York to adopt dogs.When asked what happened to the cats, husband replied "disposed of they just piss & poop." When asked where are the rest of the dogs, they looked down and would not respond. Three dogs were seen on her premises the day the Boxer was recovered... these were a collie, a mix breed and the Boxer. She frequently surfs petfinder to find animals.....nothing is safe in this home.

...and another alert/story - please pass along
This story was posted to Second Chance Boxer mailing list. I will update if I hear about the lab results. </i< I just wanted to share a very sad holiday story about a puppy purchase gone bad. My 22 year old niece's live in boyfriend decided to buy her the puppy that she has been wanting. She contacted me for advise on where to look and said that she wanted a medium size lab type mix young under a year, and as they were on a fairly tight budget it couldn't cost a lot.I advised her to check out Petfinders and promised to check around for a suitable rescue.A week or so later I had a few shelter prospects and a list for her of contact numbers. Meanwhile her boyfriend decided to surprise her and arranged to purchase a puppy from an Uncle Henry's (Maine's for sale publication) source. He had already contacted this breeder and agreed to buy a chocolate lab mix 8 week old puppy for $100. I advised her against it as she mentioned that this lady had several breeds of puppy for sale. Puppy mill fired in my mind! Her boyfriend not being educated about this sort of thing insisted on this particular puppy.The week prior to Christmas they drove up to Mt Blue, Maine an 6 hour round trip for them and picked up the little darling. He was adorable..the lady provided vet papers stating that he had his puppy shots and first worming with the bundle of paperwork and the puppy that they named Berenstein Bear they headed home. We all met Berry on Christmas day.We all played with him and so did some of our dogs(there are a lot of dogs in our extended family!!!) They were falling more and more in love with the sweet little thing. On Tues. night my niece phoned me frantically at about 11:30 pm Berry was having a seizure.I asked about all the obvious things-something he ate, injuries etc. We couldn't come up with anything. She contacted the emergency vet and took him into Lewiston. They couldn't find anything wrong either.He kept on seizing all night and in the morning although still alive was almost rigid and just drooling. My niece was devastated...He was transferred to her vet up in West Paris and continued to go down hill. They euthanized him yesterday morning...he was only 10 weeks old.Rabies is suspected & my niece will be starting her rabies shots on Monday at Stephens Memorial Hospital. Her boyfriend will start his on next Wednesday. The puppy's body has been sent to the State lab. The "lady" puppy mill owner has a disconnected phone number (it was good 2 weeks ago!) The animal control officer in Mt. Blue has been alerted and the vet that supposedly administered to this litter of puppies has never even heard of this lady and never saw any chocolate lab mix puppies in his office..the paperwork was forged. Cost to my niece and her boyfriend: puppy-$100 gas $34, emergency vets $427, vet's $150 eutanization- $40 transport to Augusta lab- $32 lesson learned, pain and suffering, rabies shot co-pays she is still sobbing everytime I talk to and it isn't over yet. </lj-cut? CROSS POSTED, PLEASE DO THE SAME!

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