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Hello Friends... (:

I'm going to LJ cut this, but in a nutshell, my organization is supporting the Tsunami disaster. I need to turn in donations by Tuesday and we want to reach our goal to get Tortch Award points so I can go to a state compition. (Explained in the cut). And to clarify, IT ALL GOES TO THE CAUSE. None goes to us. NONE.

I've only posted this as a friends only entry in my own personal journal, and I feel you all know me well enough that I wouldn't scam you. I have proof behind the cut, etc.

So, If you would like to donate, or anyone you know, and you're pretty far away (Calli, New Hampsire, etc...) I would give you my address. Just not in Livejournal.

Here is my Email:

Tell all your friends too:

My organization (BPA) is raising money for ex president Bush & Clinton's tsunami fund. I need to do this for community service and get AT LEAST $40 for it to count, so I can go to state compititons.

If you'd like to donate (any little bit helps) please leave a comment and we'll work something out. Or contact me on my Email. (I provided above.)
I need to get this done this weekend and chances are, I'll be around your area being out and about anyways. I need payments by Wednesday/Thursday.

The Business Professionals of America website is here:

I don't know if anything about the fund raiser is in there because its our chapter that's doing it, but to show I'm not full of crap you can ask my organizer/leader Mrs. Sylvia. (I'll hook ya up, I won't say how to reach her in here without her permission...)

Also you'll get some kind of documentation in return.
(Certificate, signed paper saying you donated etc. LOOKS GOOD ON APPLICATIONS FOR JOBS OR SCHOOLS!!!! ;) ;) )

So please, if you have any extra money or if you know your parents or friends are going to donate money anyways, tell them to do it through my chapter of BPA.
It's a good, trusted organization, and we all want to reach our goal and make it to states.
NONE of the money goes to us, it all goes to the organization.
We just need Tortch Award Points (Explained on to make it there in March. :)

Thanks for your time.


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