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Hooded Cat Bed.

I bought Charlie a cat bed last of those hooded "deeper sleepers". At first he checked it out, poking his head into it and then tripping over the hood as he stepped out. He turned around and started terrorizing it. How dare it grab his leg! I had to wait until he was all sleepy to put him into it so he would get the idea. He liked it then and slept in it for about half the night. This morning he's trying to get back into it. He goes too far into it and it tips over, comes out and only his butt fits. Early this morning he gave up on actually getting into it and just snuggled his head into it like a covered pillow. Now he's given up after desperately trying to nest and just let out an exasperated *HUFF* and is sitting on top of it looking at me like "Mom, this thing won't cooperate." It's a little bit small for him.

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