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We live in Massachusetts, and the past week has been absolutely frigid!! Roxie takes forever to do her business outside because she is so distracted by everything around her. This morning I took her out, and she was sniffing around in the snow, and she went, and I said, "Ok let's go back inside" but she didn't want to go in cause she was still sniffing something in the snow. So I stayed out with her, and after a minute her little feeties got so cold she kept holding them up, one at a time! And I kept wanting to go back in, but she didn't want to! So poor thing she was trying to hold all her feet up at the same time, and of course it wasn't working, so she decided the best thing to do was to lie down in the snow on her stomach and hold all her feet in the air!! It was sooooo funny but yet so pathedic I had to take her back inside. Poor thing, I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time!

We do have booties for her, but they fall off her little feet, and she doesn't like to walk in them. Maybe now she'll appreciate them!

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