Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

My doggies have a lot of friends/family dogs, thought y'all might like to see some. One thanksgiving we had 9 dogs in attendance. We had to shut them in another room, but it had glass doors and the dags all sat in a line, should have gotten a pic. Well, at least there's these :-)

This seems to start okay...


then it gets a little too rowdy

And the dogs win, human must leave

Their friend June-Bug, the weimarainer

This is Rupert and Sophie, posing gracefully in the sun.

Porter and Shellie

Wicket and Gomez as a puppy

Their cousin Zeke in Arkansas, who've they've never met!

Frodo and Boston under the pool table, not sure who is mimicing whom.

Their cousin Sadie in Michigan.

And a Sadie close-up.


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