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Crazy Pup in Snow

Niku and I have recently moved from Southern Louisiana to New England. Though she's a southern dog, she absolutely adores the snow. Right now, she's experiencing her first blizzard. She's in absolute bliss I tell you! Here are a few pictures of her playing in the fluffy white stuff a few nights ago and tonight.

The other day, Niku was outside trying to eat snowflakes in the air. This is her in her sweater.

Here she is zooming around in the snow. She loves doing that!

Niku was really excited to go out into tonight's blizzard. She started licking the window.

Even thought the snow's stacked up higher than she is, she still goes out in it. Before I had the snow fully shovelled off the step, she jumped out into it and promptly sank and disappeared. Then her head pops out of the snow and she looks around like "Huh?" My grandparents and I were dying and Niku just hops up the steps and doesn't even bother shaking off. On a second trip out, she decided to run off to the side of the house. Since the snow is pretty much higher than she is, she was hopping around like a crazy nut. I was afraid I'd have a frost bitten puppy but she came back pretty quickly. When she got inside she was very hyper and wanted to play and hop around and still wanted to go out for more, but I wouldn't let her.

Here is one tuckered out pup snuggled up in my blankets with her new chicken toy.

Does anyone else have a dog obsessed with snow? She doesn't care that she's freezing her tail off, she just want to go out and jump in it and eat it. I just don't have the heart to tell her that I doubt I'll be going out to dig a tunnel in the snow for her since we're expecting another two feet of it!

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