Angela (angelacm) wrote in boston_buddies,

Just a question for you all. I live in West Chester, PA. My neighbors recently became interested in adopting a second boston terrier. They have a 10 month old named Walter that they got as a pup from a breeder. They were thinking of going to adopt one maybe around the same age as Walter maybe even older. I was just wondering if anyone knows any info of either rescue groups or other contacts that may be useful to them, preferably in Pennsylvania. I don't think they have ruled out the idea of a pup. I guess they just prefer one a bit older.

By the way, Harley went for her shot last Tuesday and weighed in at 6 and a half pounds! She's doubled! In addition, the vet said she did not seem to have signs of demodectic mange. She said the puppy would have patchy areas with redness and that some thinness is perfectly normal especially for a puppy. So now I feel some relief. She has to go back this Tuesday for another shot. She was due for 2, but the vet wanted to split them up so the lil pooch would tolerate them easier. Tuesday will be the first rabies shot. I am going to take some new pics of her tomorrow, since she is growing so much! I had always thought she would stay real teeny, and she still may who knows. She was only 3 pounds when we got her and now she's a bit more than twice that! They grow so fast. Anyway, thanks in advance for any info anyone may have that I can provide as help to my neighbors. They have a great friendly well adjusted boston right now, and they are great boston lovers so I just want to help if I can.

PS - thanks to whoever updates the pics on the userinfo page. Harley looks cute amongst so many other adorable poochies!

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