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Just finished a bunch of work setting up an online LJ store, whew. It's just art prints for now. I have a link to the it behind the cut. I used Gomez Up for the name and logo. And here some pics of doggies, cuz i love looking at everyone elses :-)

This is the first Boston i had, her name was Althea. She loved this panda slipper i had.

althea </tr>

Here we are in front of Sparty, she was so tiny and graceful (compared to my chubby Gomez :-)


This is the first dog my family had. They made her stay outside and I always wanted to sleep in her doghouse with her. That's my sweet-ass hot wheels in the background


And I found a Gomez puppy pic where he was so tired he fell asleep on his back


Come see my my new selling journal!


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