Ravenvoice (ravenvoice) wrote in boston_buddies,

kinda interesting

We've got mice in the house (which is not good) exterminator came today... i asked him good quesitons baout the poison being in the house with the dog... and the poison is all places where he cannot get to it.

What was interesting is Sky goes in 2 modes when there are strangers in the house.. he's either bouncing all over creation or he's hiding under the table barking menacingly. (there's my brave boy1)

today he stared at the exterminator like the guy was the embodiment of death... i almost think he understood why the guy was in the house. As far as i know he hasn't had any interaction with the mice in the house (although he was kind enough to find a dead one last week.. and of course the one that ran past him last night while he was sleeping :0)

do you think a dog could sense the death of other animals following the guy? anyone else had a similar experience? He didn't seem frightened of the guy just more like he was sad and you could almost hear him saying "you murderous bastard".

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