know all your enemies (kelliee) wrote in boston_buddies,
know all your enemies

i posted a while back when i got my first pup (we decided on ramzi as his name). we got our second this past friday (still no name for her) and i'm afraid she is going to be a mean dog already... she has the evil chihuahua attitude. she is very agressive and she seeks to fight my ramzi nearly every time they are together, and not in the playful way as far as i can tell (growling and snarling at him and biting him til she makes him yelp). before she came to the house, when ramzi would play fight with the kittens (i have 5 that i found, they were abandoned) he didint growl at all and would just lightly bite them... when he came, he played the same way with her and she came back at him with overwhelming force. she seems to be making ramzi a little more agressive, and i dont like it one bit. i dont know how to stop this since we "cant take them out in public until they are 16 weeks old", so group training would be out for another 5 weeks for her, and by then the damage will probably be done. i dont want her to be one of those dogs who tries to attack any dog (or even any person) she sees. i want to be able to take her for walks without fear that i'm going to have a lawsuit on my hands.

we just wanted another boston puppy so they could be best friends, but it looks like they are going to be the greatest enemies...

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