☆ Starry Starry Night ☆ (taste_of_ink_xx) wrote in boston_buddies,
☆ Starry Starry Night ☆

I miss my two bostons sooo much!!!

I moved an hour and a half away from my parents this summer :(

My mom was nice enough to send me pictures this week :)

Mo is the white one(he's blind)
Mika (prounounced Meeka) is the black one (she seriously jumps like 5 feet high)

Don't mind the weird face my mom is making lol....

Mo is very handsom :)

Mika chillin' in the sun :)

My brother took this pic, I LOVE it!!

Mo and Mika looking all serious!!

Mo looks like he's sniffing her ear :)

The black dog in this pic is MY chi-pinsher mix :) He's 6 months and I rescued him from a shelter :) He makes my miss my bostons less ;)
His name is Chopper, and he's all like '' Hey Mika, how YOU doin' '' LOL!!!

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