Loving Life (llinthesand) wrote in boston_buddies,
Loving Life

Is it because she loves me?

For some reason Lilo likes to chew on my glove. The last two times she got it it wasn't just sitting on top of my backpack, it was inside of it and the top of the backpack was flipped over but not zipped. She had to flip it up and dig it out! The last time she got it I made sure I had it where she could not see it in there... and she did it anyway. I found it in their bed and I fussed at her and took it away... then I felt bad because I realized that maybe she takes it because it's mine (like how my youngest child has to sleep in my t-shirts or how I feel safest when I am snuggled up to my husband?) I have been working a little big more this week and our snuggling in my office chair time has been less than usual. And lately Stitch has HAD to have attention from Ronnie as soon as he gets home. He is very attached to him... I guess like Lilo is attached to me.

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