Sara Rae (sarakenobi) wrote in boston_buddies,
Sara Rae

i think its gonna be alright yeah the worst is over now

well, its 730 this morning and I am lounging on the couch witha cold Lucy curled up next to me. She is not a morning dog by any means, and for both Mike and I to be up this early on a Saturday has her very confused. Generally, dad gets up, takes her out, tosses her back in bed with mom and goes to work. She wanted to play last night. she wanted to eat chicken wings and popcorn and butter cookies and bird food. She didn't seem sick at all. I think that I might have overreacted with the whole screaming thing, but she i>SCREAMED</i> not yelped or cried or anything, but screamed. It just freaked me out. We are going to take her for a walk this morning, and see how she does. I dont think she is interested in food right now because its 730 in the morning and she wants to be in bed :p.

Thank you guys for your kind words and comments and support I really appreciated it. Its hard to see our babies sick and not be able to do anything about it!

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