Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

Strange happenings yesterday. It was nice out so I took the doggies for a walk at some parks. One was too people infested so I went to another. But in preparation, I went to the garage and the dogs ran out and loaded the car prematurely. Once in the car they are impossible to remove. I went back in the house to find all their leashes, and when I return to the car it reeks of poopies. Gomez has somehow smeared poop all over his back. Weird part, it's nowhere in the car. Thankful as I am it was mysterious. I'm thinking he ran out quick while waiting in the car and rolled in some precious pile. I wiped him down best I could and we went anyway. Upon return he still stunk so I bathed him at that time. Crazy dog.

The after bath wrap

A pause from the rigor of the trail run for a photo op

They are easily distracted by some rustling in the woods

Gomez *was* sitting nice for a sec

...still no sit for Gomez


Frodo and Gomez sharing the front seat in the bug

Howie rides alone in the roomy backseat.


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