A mass of walking contradictions (nickitty) wrote in boston_buddies,
A mass of walking contradictions

Call for advice for the Vinnie-monster.

Hello peeps.. I need some Baby Boston advice.

In an effort to teach Vinnie that he is not allowed to be around us when we're eating dinner (which could take place at either the kitchen table or the living room coffee table), we are leashing him to a table in the entryway surrounded by peepads and toys and water. Of course, he can still see us and this makes him very unhappy. So he WHINES as if someone is trying to bludgeon him to death. I'm waiting for the day the cops show up at the door because the neighbours have complained we're abusing our animals. ;)

Secondly, our Murphy taught him how to bark. *ahem* At first it was so cute we almost died of a cute attack, but now we worry it'll get out of hand.

If you have ANY advice whatsoever to help with the 'Quiet!' command, especially when we can't be with him (such as during suppertime) I'd be so appreciative.

Thank you!

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