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It was a bad night for Jack and I.

Jack got his second set of shots at his breeders around 6. Pretty soon after he had a BAD reaction to it. Though it doesn't normally happen she does keep ependephrine on had and gave him 1 cc of that to reverse the reaction. Basically he could have died. Well he came out of that, thankfully, and at a little of the baby food he got when he first started eating (give him a bit of a boost) and drank water, and was acting normal again. Well about half way home, he starts to wine like every 10 seconds. He is also very restless. I start to get worried cause he looks like he is really thirsty, and of course it is just me in the car and I have no way to give him water. I finally get home, and he seems to get worse. He cried a couple of times when I picked him up, and he was now foaming at the mouth a little. Basically LOTS of saliva. He was still restless. I got ahold of a vet who told me to give him 3 ccs of liquid benadryl and I can also give him half of a baby asprin.

This morning he is back to his old self again. Playing and playing. Taking some naps. I think he was just sore from the shots. And they hit him like a ton of bricks. I was really worried though. I am glad he is alright. :)

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