Sara Rae (sarakenobi) wrote in boston_buddies,
Sara Rae

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy!

Valentine's Day at our house was loads of fun :) Lucy's birthday is on
Valentine's day, and my husband's birthday is the 15th. We bought party
hats and ice cream and partly celebrated today, and the rest will
happen tomorrow :) here are some pictures from the evening festivities.

We put the hat on her to see what she would do, and she was, for the
most part NOT thrilled. Yet, she thought it was pretty funny that mom
and dad were rolling on the ground laughing so hard. She thought she
could eat it and get away that way...but she was trapped!


so she resigned, let me take a pouty good picture then raced off to finish her giant bone and a whole fruits popsicle.


and here is a picture from christmas I forgot to show you. we didn't
get the picture of her dragging her little blue bed INTO the fire, but
this is after we took it away. Thats right, she was SO COLD (mind you,
we live in NC, and it was like... 50.) she was SOOOO cold that she
pushed her bed almost into the fire place. We pulled it back, and she
pushed it forward and then hopped in as close as she could so we had to
remove it so she wouldn't burn the house down. she has her little
stuffing-and-squeakerless rope monkey next to her :) I shall fix the
color later :-p but i am ready for bed :)



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