FluffyPinkGerbil (pinkgerbil) wrote in boston_buddies,

breeding q?'s

so this just has to do with dogs in genral. sassys too old to have pups, infact , shes never HAD pups.
But. We " my husband and I " have a pug , by the name of haggis. Hes a pup. He has no health issues , hes got a great temepermenat , ect ect. and hes papered. We got him for free beacuse another pup in the litter scratched his eye . We even have the vet papers saying that . We want to stud him, once , ameby twice. What do you get for it ? I allways heard you got one pup from the litter , or the fincial equivilent of.... I was wonderi8ng b/c his parents one a puppy , actually they want haggis, but will take one like him :p and we would give the pup to them if sucessful, and then mbey keep one for ourselves if we do it again. How old do they have to be to "do their thing "?? I ask beacuse hes 5 months old and he wont leave our cat alone ( we figure we will be the first to own dats or cogs. )
after we woulod get him fixed. All of our pets are fixed except for him, and the cat whos an indoor kitty.

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