A mass of walking contradictions (nickitty) wrote in boston_buddies,
A mass of walking contradictions

You hurt my feelings!

We have now had our little Vinnie for 2.5 weeks and he is more than we could've dreamed of, really. He is such a good little boy. So smart and sweet.

In any case, I've read in alot of places beforehand that Bostons are very sensitive and get their feelings hurt easily. Lately, this has been Vinnie to a Tee! As a puppy, of course he's hearing "NO!" alot. More often than not, this means he runs for the safety of his crate in his 'room' and sits there by himself for 10-30 minutes. As you can well imagine, this breaks our heart!

We're a little concerned that he's going to end up being a super-sensitive doggie though and this is hurting his trust with us, although I keep telling myself it's 'just a phase'.

So my question is... did your Boston seem to go through a phase of super-sensitivity?

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