Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

poor bunny.

I found an old stuffed rabbit I was going to give away, but Gomez seemed to really want it.

Okay, who is going to play with me?

Frodo sneaks in for a grab but Gomez is having none of that

Howie puts up a good challenge

Ooh, the bunny looses a leg, but the struggle continues...

Though Howie lost posession for a second, he is back with even more fervor

Gomez, enjoying the challenge is steadfast in his grip

Frodo is happy with a sideline seat and a little appendage action

Ooh, Howie has a good grip, Gomez could loose this one

No way. Gomez has posession and ends it with a victorious smile.
Howie: 0
Bunny:-2 arms


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