erica (ericatheawesome) wrote in boston_buddies,

weekend at home

i haven't been able to post in awhile because i've been away at school and very busy. however, i've finally found the time to catch up.

i watched the repeat of the westminster dog show last weekend when i went home. i would have watched it at school but i don't think many people would have been too interested. when i saw the pedigree commercial for denta stix with the boston i almost died. i found it online at the pedigree site and decided to include it in my paper on the analysis of commercials for my PR class. click here to watch it.

and now here are a few pictures behind the cut of my boston. she just turned 9 a couple weeks ago.

she owns my bed when i'm away at school

she has to be included in every family discussion

she got a ham bone as a christmas present

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