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Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Whatever your family celebrates, I hope it's a happy one!

More questions:

Sofie did great last night. She hasn't whined at all in her kennel (she only did one time the other night) and she went from midnight until 7 am without having to go to the bathroom. That's pretty good for a 9 week old, isn't it?

Is she too young to be started on some commands? I decided today to teach her to sit. I remember how to do it from when I took my lab to obedience training but I wasn't sure if there was something different I should be aware of with the Boston Terriers. I would praise my lab with words and petting and kisses, and I do the same with Sofie but I really wonder if she understands she is being praised or not? Is she too young for treats? We don't feed her anything but her puppy food and water, and I don't know if there is a certain age I can give her a little reward treat. If I can give her something, what is best??

Also, we have noticed that she loves the plush toys but has no interest in the plastic/rubbery ones. It's just so cute to see how she favors something over something else. I love to watch her; she is so sweet and adorable!

How soon or how long before I can 'socialize' her with other dogs? Our lab is now living with my father-in-law...who has the bigger house and yard for him to run in. I want her and him to know each other, because sometimes we 'babysit' Hunter when my in-laws go out of town, and I want them to be able to watch Sofie for us if we go out of town, too. Hunter is an Alpha-male but he's also a sweet heart, I know Sofie won't be a threat to him, but I wonder if she would be scared of his 110 lbs. size? I also worry he might inadvertently hurt her while playing? Hunter used to play with the neighbor's puppy, a little pit-bull, but I mean, that's a pit bull. lol He was little, but just as tough as Hunter. Hunter isn't neutered (yet) and I also worry about uh...ya know...since Sofie is a girl...or are they too young for me to worry about?

Sorry for the rambling...I just have so many concerns.

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