Lola (loladewey) wrote in boston_buddies,

Shredded feet.

Lucy loves to play basketball. She will push/chase a baskeball forever. Saturday was no exception. The boys were playing and let Lucy have the ball. She push/chased it around and we didn't stop her.
We should have, we should have taken the ball away and brought her inside. They were playing on asphalt and her little feet were blistered. By the time we went to bed she couldn't walk on her pads. I soaked them in warm salted water. Not a lot of salt just enough to clean and start the healing. Then I sprayed a numbing spray on them. She slept like a rock. Yesterday I had to carry her outside to her potty place for her to pee etc. Poor babe, she's walking on her toenails. I tried to put little booties on her but she pulled them off. I guess I'll carry her until she heals. Right now she's sleeping between the sheets on my bed and I don't care. Oh my poor baby girl.

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