Scarlett_trocar (scarlett_trocar) wrote in boston_buddies,

What her deal?

Can someone please tell me what is up with Sofie? Is this 'normal' BT personality?

The past couple of days, Sofie has been super good and is starting to get super bad...

two days in a row, she has seemed to understand "kennel" and goes into it when we tell her. Yesterday, she started to run away when I try to get her, usually to put her leash on, which she never liked but has been good with tolerating it, but once it is on she is fine. But, like I said, starting yesterday, I go to get her and she runs under the dining table. I go to get her and she runs to the other side. We play this game until either I finally do catch her, or someone is there to help me catch her when she runs in the other direction. I get her leash on, praise her, take her out to potty, praising her again and then she seems fine.

Also yesterday, while we were outside, at one point, my neighbor who has a 5 yr old yellow female lab, asked if she could take her lab out to meet Sofie so she will stop growling at the door. Sofie wanted NOTHING to do with the lab, Zoe! She growled, barked as ferociously (sp?) as she could, and tried to come at Zoe (but couldn't since she was on the leash.) (Zoe, on the other hand, had no interest in a little pooch like Sofie and seemed more interested in sniffing our yard.) She has been around other dogs before, even another yellow lab, but has NEVER behaved that way. My husband thought she was starting to be dog aggressive but I thought it was hard to tell if she was trying to be mad or playful.

So here we are again today, every time it's potty time she runs and tries to hide and scurries away when I go to get her to get her leash on. Outside, she does her business, but then spends the rest of the time 'attacking' her leash, biting on it and I don't know if she is playing or annoyed. Usually I tell her "inside" and she hops up the steps into the door. Today, she sat down defiantly and looked at me and didn't move. I finally had to pick her up and bring her in after a few minutes of telling her to go. Man, I wanted to beat her butt! (I wouldn't, but you know, she's like a kid!) I had been at work all day today while Rob was home with her and I called him at work and told him Sofie is being so bad and he said "I know!" I guess she was being really defiant with him and running away when he goes to get her. Little stinker! Anyhow, she is only about 2 mos and 2 weeks old and we've had her about 2 weeks now. Any ideas??

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