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Misty was just introduced to the JUMBONES.
I got her a pack that brings two.

The first time she had them it was fine and she seemed to like them.
Nothing like her greenies though.

Then last night, she ate almost an entire one and woke up at almost 3am throwing up non-stop.
I felt her jump off the bed and something told me to get up and turn the light on and there it was...puke everywhere!

There was so much throw up and it was chunky (sorry for the graphics!)
and then she couldn't stop throwing up for a whole hour.
I gave her some pedialyte and then she finally went to sleep at 4am in HER BED.

I was surprised she went to sleep in her own bed.
I guess she wasn't feeling too great to jump on mine...but at around 530am, I felt her trying to get under the covers.

She is feeling much better now :)
(Thank GOD!)

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