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Art Festival

Today we just got home from the 2nd Annual Winter Park Doggie Art Festival. All of the piantings and scuplture were of dogs. They blocked off part of the street and almost all of the stores on the Avenue were dog friendly and put out water and treat bowls. There were so many people and dogs there - Kermit loved it! She was actually really good. She got to play with 3 other BT's (a little boy who looked just like her, a 4 year old boy, and a year old little girl who had spots like Rebel and Elvis!) and some bulldogs - however, she seemed to really like the big dogs. It was so funny she would just run over to them sit down and give them a kiss and then laydown with her feet in the air! I took some pics but they are on a regular film camera so no pics yet :( But we had a great time! Kermit is so tired now though!! And stinky and sweaty - it is bathtime :)

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