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Hi everybody!

*Hi Doctor Nick!*


1)  I recently bought a four month old Boxer. She's adorable. I've had her about a week and we are kennel training her so she's in there pretty much all day until she's completely housebroken.  Eventually she will get big and have a lot more muscle than my boy Chili will (they are about the same size at 24lbs) so do you guys/girls have any suggestions on how to introduce your Boston to another dog living in the house?  So far we've let them sniff each other out through the gate and the few times that they've been allowed to play together (for no more than five minutes) Roxy the Boxer is all over Chili, trying to play with him and Chili just tries to run away at every turn.  I don't want her to be too aggressive with him, with the biting and stuff.  He's also been acting a little jealous and snippy with me and my wife, so I don't think he really appreciates a new dog being all up in his space (expected).  Not to mention the fact that he just recently got neutered and now a lady dog comes into play (we don't want to let them play together, just in case, with his stitches and everything) What do you guys think?

2) For the male Boston owners:  Chili has a really bad habit of spraying (kind of an excited urination) when we have guests over, which bums me out because we have to lock him up, or not have guests over at all.  He goes absolutely crazy, jumping all over shit and basically being the Boston we all know and love.....on crystal meth though!  His eyes pop out of his head!  Everyone thinks he's cute until he starts jumping on them.  Then they want to leave.  So, what can I do to calm him down?  He's about 18 months and we thought neutering him would calm him down and stop him from spraying, but so far it hasn't calmed him down one bit, or kept him from spraying when peeps come over.  Should I have him socialize more?  Put him on sedatives?  Barbituates?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

You guys/gals are the best!


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