Scarlett_trocar (scarlett_trocar) wrote in boston_buddies,


Sofie is a NUT-CASE!!

She has discovered a plant in my living room and keeps EATING THE LEAVES! Well, I don't think she's eating them, but she is breaking them OFF! I'm finding leaf pieces and bits EVERYWHERE and my plant is DYING!

She runs away and HIDES and will not let us CATCH her! Just to get her to potty is a two person tag team to trick and catch her!

What else do we have to look forward to? She's only 3 mos. old!!

She has gotten SUPER hyper, too! She is absolutely beside herself when someone walks in the door, or if there are people outside in front of our houses when we take her out she is like Miss Social Butterfly--has to say Hi and greet everyone! I mean, she is sweet with the licking and all but it's just this overcrazy erratic loving from her!

[FYI: I changed my journal name. I'm formerly known as Junebug626.]

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