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Bath time!

Today I informed my wife that it was HER turn to bathe the dogs. Along with Vinnie, our Boston Terrorist, we have an almost-12 year old pomeranian/poodle X named Murphy. This is what transpired:


Vinnie, stay. NO! Vinnie, No. Stay. Good boy. No!
Okay, almost done. Good boy! No.. quit trying to jump out of the tub!
*splash splash splash*

Okay, you're done. Come here Murph.
Murphy gets in the tub

Vinnie NO! Get out. "Honey can you call your dog?"
I call Vinnie, he comes here for oh.. 2.5 seconds

Vinnie NO! Leave your brother alone. He DOESN'T want your kisses right now.
See? This is how you get a bath... you don't jump out of the tub, you don't attack the faucet.

Murphy STAY. Vinnie NO. *much laughter* (apparently Vinnie is really worried about his brother having a bath and won't stop jumping up to lick his face)

And now both dogs are clean and drying off.
Man, I'm glad I didn't have to do it this time. They absolutely HATE baths.

Murphy likes to dry off on fabric so he jumped up on the spare bed (please ignore the unmade bed... we are in reno mode the past few weeks and our upstairs is in chaos right)

He looks like a drowned rat - an evil drowned rat

Shake that thang.

Vinnie tries to figure out what the hell he's doing.

Murphy gives Vinnie the evil eye for not having long fur to dry off.

This is the face Vinnie makes when he's been in trouble. It totally cracks me up.

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