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1 year!!


Hey everyone! Today is Violets 1 year old birthday! I don't know how some of you parents out there handled your baby's first bday, but I'm in pieces. I don't want her to grow up. I want her to stay a puppy forever! But she got a new kong (which is in the freezer as we speak with peanut butter and broken doggie treats for dessert tonight) and I got her some dent-a-bones. At Target this week they have these polo shirts I in pink and orange, pink, and black. She would've looked so cute in the pink and orange....I just wish that they weren't $9.99. But she's have a good birthday so far. I'm going to post two pictures of her and her mini-me that I bought her because the Animal Haus next door to where I work is closing and I got it like 40% off! Enjoy!

(Violet with Mini #1)(this one just got put in one of my new frames!)

(Violet with Mini #2)


ps. I love this community still to this day and I hope all of you and your babies are having/had a great weekend! I can't get enough of your pictures and stores! It's my favorite thing about LJ!


~ Cathie and Violet


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