Little Black Raincloud (acrylica) wrote in boston_buddies,
Little Black Raincloud

I was just wondering at what age (if any) bostons start to mellow a little bit. Elmo is just shy of 10 months old and is already getting much mellower, but certain situations get him VERY excited or upset. He goes crazy whenever the cat is around or if we have company over (even if it's someone he sees every day) and gets really upset if I go anywhere without him, particularly if our other dog is involved and he isn't.

Which brings me to my second question, which is whether or not your bostons are as big of a mamma's (or daddy's) boy/girl as mine is. He doesn't seem to have bonded very well with my fiancee. He doesn't want to be messed with by most people (although women are generally acceptable to him) but insists on being in my lap or around me wherever I go. Is this common, or is there a way that I can get him to bond more with the other members of the family? I don't mind at all that he wants to be around me all the time, but it makes my fiancee feel bad that Elmo doesn't seem to like him very much.

Thanks for the help.

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