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Kennel Phobia.

Help! Charlie's been kennel trained for about 2 1/2 years, loves his kennel and will even go in there just to hang out. Yesterday we were doing "Tricks for Treats" and he wouldn't go in his kennel when he was told. He would go to it and sit next to it, but absolutely would NOT go in. Even when I put a treat inside, he would stubbornly sit outside of it and look at me pathetically. At one point he even went to the other side of the room to lay down, crying at me for the treat. I finally enticed him over to his kennel and when I still couldn't get him to go in, I put him in it and laid down with him...petting him and telling him he was good until he quit shaking. This morning he would go up to it and take treats from the opening, but wouldn't stick more than just his head inside. I moved the kennel out of the corner to a more prominent place in the room and he seemed a little better. Then he did a funny thing, I told him "kennel" and he went behind it and sat. *LOL* As if if he hides behind it, maybe I'll think he's inside and give him a treat. Smartie pants.

I don't know why he's all of a sudden afraid of his kennel. I can't remember the last time the door was closed on it....I'm wondering if he was home alone, laying in it and something scared him. That's the only thing that I can think of. *sigh* Guess I'm back to behavior training. B.F. Skinner would be proud of me.

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