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Happy Mother's Day!

**Okay I apparently put this in my personal journal, intending to put it in the Boston Community, but I still wanted to share it with all of you so here it is...sorry it's like half a week later :-P **

May 9th:
I have had such a hell of a week. My computer crashed, I had to take out a huge loan to pay for an apple (we know how much those can kill your pockets) since I need it for school anyways but I wasn't expecting to have to buy it now, and my asshole boss wrote me up at work (another long story). I came home yesterday from work just hoping that this streak of bad luck would end. I go into my room to put my purse down and I see this card on my computer with "mommy" written on the front. Violet got me a mothers day card (my boyfriend obviously) and it was the best card I've ever gotten. I love those Bostons so damn much its ridiculous....not really because they are just too cute.

Happy belated mothers day to all those Boston mommy's and mommy's out there!

Boston ♥

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