The Girl in the Self Imposed Box (elisabat) wrote in boston_buddies,
The Girl in the Self Imposed Box

Wilbur update

I just wanted to let everyone know how Wilbur is doing. So far, everything is going well. We're both learning. First thing I learned is no more stuffed animal toys for Wilbur. He "appropriated" a plushy bone from my work (I found it in the carrier with him when I got him home, I'm not sure which animal he took it from) and he did'nt take very long to destroy it and get fluff everywhere. He now thinks that all stuffed animals (I collect bat plushies) are chew toys, and that's a bad idea. He also took 3 days to destroy a baseball, and I've seen quite enough baseball related obstructions to let that happen to him, so from now on, no unsupervised baseball play.

His neuro problem is'nt as bad as anticipated. He stumbles, circles, and suddenly decides to lay down for the first block or so of our walks, but after that he gets going strong and pulls me along. He does fall over when he pees, but that's because he tries to lift both rear legs. People generally do not think anything is wrong with him when he suddenly just lays down, they mostly think he's just being obstinate. Only about 3 people have asked what is wrong with him. He's made lots of friends in our neighborhood. There is a very fancy hotel 2 blocks from my house, and the valets love him. They give him treats whenever we walk by.

One of the doctors I work for does accupuncture, and I asked him if it would help with Wilbur's condition. He's going to ask a neurologist, and hopefully get back to me soon. I don't work for a regular veterinary practice. We are a surgical and internal medicine specialty, and I found out this morning that they are trying to hire a neurology specialist so that would definitely work in Wilbur's favor.

I wanted to thank everyone for your great advice. I'm sorry if I was'nt able to reply to most comments, and the ones I did reply to were not timely. I have sporadic internet access, but I really do appreciate your comments and advice.

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